121+ Attitude Status Quotes For Whatsapp

Attitude Status Quotes For Whatsapp,😏Whatsapp status for Boys and girls to express their Attitude in English, Latest 121+ Attitude Status😎.

Attitude Status

  • Choose people who choose YOU.😎
  • DON’T waste YOUr words on people who deserve YOUr silence.😎
  • NO more expectations from anyone.😎
  • Same lies.😏 different people.😎
  • i’ll never be that ME again
  • I haven’t changed.😎 I grew up
  • A gentleman makes commitments.😎 A loser makes promises.😎
  • What other people think of me is NOne of MY business.😎
  • NOt single.😏 NOt taken.😏 just waiting for something real
  • I’m NO longer afraid of losing people who aren’t afraid of losing me too
  • DON’T break YOUrself just to fit into someone’s life
  • IgNOre ME and I’ll do the same .😎
  • I m NOt that someone anymore
  • Once i lose interest it’s over .😎
  • So many different mood in one day
  • Once YOU lose ME.😏 u lost ME forever
  • I’m done begging for YOUr attention.😎
  • Stop faking just be real
  • I decided to stop explaining MYself to people uh knw why? Coz people who love ME.😎.😎 don’t need an explanation.😎.😎 And people who don’t love ME.😎.😎.😎 don’t care for an explanation.😎.😎.😎
  • Yes.😏 I’m smiling.😎 But YOU’re NOt the reason anymore.😎
  • NObody can teach ME who I am.😎
  • If YOUr are still hate ME!🌸then NO Problem!🌸.😎
  • Two fundamentals of cool life – Walk like YOU are the king OR walk like YOU DON’T care .😏who is the king.😎
  • Someone Asked me what is UR attitude then i simply replied.😎.😎.😎 ” BEING SINGLE IS MY ATTITUDE…”
  • When Sum One Hates YOU for NO reason.😎 Give them a reason.😎
  • I DON’T insult people .😏 I just describe them.😎
  • Before YOU judge ME.😏 Make sure that YOU’re PERFECT.😎
  • Be a girl with a mind.😏 a bitch with an attitude.😏 and a lady with class.😎
  • MY attitude depends on the people in front of ME.😎
  • If YOU want ME.😏 come and get ME.😎 If YOU want ME to come.😏 forget it.😎
  • Never give up on something YOU love
  • I’m NOt a Tumblr Girl.😏 But I’m Beautiful
  • I LIVE.😏 I love.😏 I fight.😏 I cry.😏 but I never give up
  • They laughed at ME because I’m different.😎 I laughed at them because they’re all the same.😎
  • Beauty Fades After Time.😏 But Personality Is Forever!🌸
  • Love People.😏 NOt things Use things.😏 NOt People.😎
  • Don’t make time for them who don’t make time for YOU.😎
  • Music is MY escape from the bullshit in life.😎
  • i may NOt be the girl that everyone wants.😏 but at least i am NOt the girl everyone had.😎Alone Status
  • YOU treated ME like an option.😏 so i left YOU like a choice
  • Everyone deserves second chances but NOt for the same mistakes.😎
  • “i am NOt the girl that got away.😏 but the one YOU failed to keep.😎”
  • Take ME as i am.😏 or watch ME as i go.😎 YOUR CHOICE.😎
  • Don’t make time for them who Don’t make time for YOU
  • I don’t fear commitment.😏 I fear wasting MY time.😎
  • I might NOt be PERFECT.😏 but neither are YOU.😎.😎So go and check YOUr mistakes.😏 before rating mine.😎
  • They may try to COPY YOU.😏 but they can’t be YOU.😎
  • If YOU don’t like.😏 don’t look.😎 If YOU don’t kNOw.😏 don’t talk.😎 If YOU don’t care.😏 don’t judge.😎 If YOU don’t have.😏 don’t hate.😎
  • The only sensible way to LIVE in this world is to LIVE without rules.😎
  • YOU think I’ve changed.😎 Truth is YOU never really knew the real ME.😎
  • I don’t have eNOugh middle fingers to show YOU how I feel.😎
  • i’m old eNOugh to kNOw better.😏 YOUng eNOugh to try again
  • If YOU want ME.😏 then fight for ME.😎 Cause I’m fighting like hell for YOU
  • “Respect is for those who deserve it.😏 NOt for those who demand it.😎.😎”
  • Sorry.😏 but i Don’t need part time people in MY life.😎 Why? Cause’ fuck YOU that’s why.😎Flirty Status
  • ❒Taken ❒Single βœ” Don’t care anymore.😎
  • “Show ME YOU’re interested.😏 and I’ll igNOre YOU.😎 IgNOre ME and I’ll run after YOU.😎 β€” Men.😎”
  • To all the girls that say gentlemen don’t exist anymore: They do exist but gentlemen are attracted to ladies.😎 NOt sluts.😎
  • Putting in headphones.😏 to avoid people’s bullshit.😎
  • If YOU want ME let ME kNOw.😎 If YOU don’t.😏 please gently let ME go.😎
  • I don’t trust easily.😎 So when I tell YOU that “I trust YOU”.😏 please don’t make ME regret it.😎 Breakup Status
  • I am who i am and i won’t change for anyone.😎
Attitude Status Quotes For Whatsapp
Attitude Status Quotes For Whatsapp

Attitude Quotes

Dear broken hearted girls .😏 Hold YOUr head up high and YOU middle finger higher .😏 let him kNOw what he is missing

Im NOt selfish but whats Mine is MINE .😎 End of story

attitude army status

Don’t even try and judge ME dude.😏YOU have NO idea what the Fuck I’ve been through.😎

whatsapp status in english attitude

This is how it goes.😎 I will respect those who respect ME & forget those who forget ME.😎 Simple as that.😎

unique attitude status

Seeing YOUr ex go through what they put YOU through.😎.😎 Priceless.😎

royal attitude status in english

Never Love Someone At The Cost Of YOUr Dignity And Self Respect.😎.😎.😎!🌸!🌸!🌸

unique attitude status in english

DON’T be afraid of being outnumbered .😏 eagles fly alone.😎 Pigeons flock together.😎

killer attitude status

I DON’T treat people badly.😏 I treat them accordingly.😎

unique attitude status for whatsapp

If YOUr ego speaks with ME then MY attitude replies to YOU.😎

status punjabi attitude

Beauty is only skin deep.😎Attitude is down to the bone.😎

unique attitude status for facebook

Before YOU judge me.😏 Make sure that YOU’re PERFECT.😎

boy attitude status in english

DON’T confuse with MY personality and MY attitude.😎 MY personality is who I am.😎 MY attitude depends on YOU.😎

love attitude status

There are two ways to be happy: Change YOUr situation.😏 or change YOUr mindset towards it.😎

unique positive attitude status

I may NOt be PERFECT but I am original.😎

unique style attitude status

Stop trying to fit in when YOU were born to stand out.😎

fb attitude status

If YOU have a problem with ME.😏 tell me.😎 NOt everyone else.😎

unique attitude status quotes

The only reason people are talking behind YOUr back is because YOU are already ahead of them.😎

sad attitude status

Real men talk about women in a respectful manner.😎

most attitude status in english

I Don’t trust easily.😏 so when I tell YOU I trust YOU.😏 please Don’t make ME regret it.😎

fb status attitude

i may NOt be the girl that everyone wants.😏 but at least i am NOt the girl everyone had.😎

attitude unique whatsapp status

Before YOU judge ME.😏 make sure YOU are PERFECT.😎

status in english attitude

I get jealous but i will never show it.😎

Don’t judge MY choices without understanding MY reasons.😎

status english attitude

I trusted YOU but NOw YOUr words mean NOthing to me.😏 because YOUr actions spoke the truth.😎

Breakups hurt.😏 but losing someone who doesnt respect and appreciate YOU is actually a gain.😏 NOt a loss.😎

swag attitude status for girls

i am who i am and i wont change for anyone.😎

How he treats YOU is how he feels about YOU.😎

cool attitude status

I’m a very private person.😎 YOU DON’T ask i DON’T tell.😎

There’s a difference between somebody who wants YOU and somebody who would do anything to keep YOU.😎 Remember that.😎

attitude status in english

The bravest thing I ever did was continuing MY life when I wanted to die.😎

I DON’T go crazy.😎 I am crazy.😎 I just go NOrmal from time to time….😎

best attitude status

Sometimes I want to treat people how they treat ME But I DON’T because It’s out of MY character.😎

If there is NO one to hold YOUr hand put YOUr hands in YOUr pocket and continue YOUr walk.😎

girlish attitude status in english

Beauty captures YOUr attention.😏 but personality captures YOUr heart.😎

YOU left without a reason.😏 so please don’t come back with an excuse.😎

attitude punjabi status

Dear Girls.😏 Stop comparing all guys with YOUr ex.😎 NOt all of us are players and jerks.😎

YOU treated ME like an option.😏 so i left YOU like a choice

status about attitude

Yes.😏 i have changed.😎 Pain does that to People.😎

I am NOt YOUr toy.😎

whatsapp status attitude

I DON’T fear commitment.😏 I fear wasting MY time.😎

To keep a relationship.😏 YOU must keep YOUr business to YOUrself and YOUr partner.😏 The whole world doesnt need to kNOw YOUr problems.😎

female attitude status

Stop asking for faithful girls.😏 when YOU are too busy chasing hoes.😎

If YOU Don’t want ME .😏 Don’t fuck with MY feelings.😎

attitude whatsapp status

if YOU want me let ME kNOw.😏 if YOU Don’t.😏 please gently let ME go.😎

Choose ME or lose ME.😎 I am NOt a backup plan.😏 and definitely NOt a second choice.😎

english status attitude

I Don’t have eNOugh middle fingers to show YOU how i feel.😎

I trusted YOU but NOw YOUr words mean NOthing to ME.😏 because YOUr actions spoke the truth.😎

bindass attitude status for girls

I have NO need for people who come to ME when they need me.😏then throw ME aside when they’re fine.😎

I’m born to express.😏 NOt to impress.😎

punjabi attitude status

I DON’T care for people.😏 who DON’T care for ME.😎

Show ME.😏 don’t tell ME.😎

stylish attitude status in english

YOUr attitude may hurt ME.😏 But mine can Kill YOU!🌸!🌸

Good girls are bad girls.😏 who never get caught.😎

attitude status for whatsapp

Excellence is NOt a skill.😏 It is an attitude.😎

Never.😏 never.😏 never.😏 never give up.😎

royal attitude status in english

If YOU like ME Then raise YOUr hand.😏 If NOt then raise YOUr standard.😎

Take care of YOUr Status.😏 DON’T be care taker of MY Status

status on attitude

If YOU ever think I am igNOring YOU.😏 I swear I am.😎 MY phone is in MY hand 24Γ—7

MY life .😏MY rule.😏that’s MY attitude…

attitude status

Problem is NOt a problem.😏 but problem is that.😏is YOUr attitude towards the problem.😎

attitude status english

Girls are like parking spaces.😏 all the good ones are already taken.😎

The only difference between a good day and a bad day is YOUr attitude.😎

status attitude

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