351+ Short Status Quotes For Whatsapp

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Short Status For Whatsapp

Short Status For Whatsapp
Short Status For Whatsapp
  • People come and go. But the best will stay.
  • I may not be perfect but I am original.
  • You are what you think so go out & be fabulous.
  • The kindest of Hearts have felt the most pain.
  • I try not to miss you, but in the end I still do.
  • I miss seeing your name show up on my phone.
  • Jealousy means I actually care about you.
  • Not even a million fights could make me hate you.
  • I get mad because i care.
  • I miss your name lighting up my phone.
  • i feel myself complete when i am with you.
  • Real men talk about women in a respectful manner.
  • Before you judge me, make sure you are Perfect.
  • I get jealous but i will never show it.
  • i just want a cute, long lasting relationship.
  • Every night i thank god for giving me you.
  • I cant lie, I miss you.
  • Memories are the only reason we cant move on.
  • All i know is that i cant go a day without you.9
  • Music always puts me in a better mood.
  • i am who i am and i wont change for anyone.
  • Once i am with you, nobody else matters.
  • All i know is that i cant go a day without you.
  • I dont hate you i hate what you have done.
  • Once you are attached you are screwed.
  • Music always puts me in a better mood.
  • I miss the fun we used to have Together.
  • A legal kiss is never as good as a stolen one.
  • I don’t fear commitment, I fear wasting my time.
  • A girl doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t need her.
  • The heart that loves 🤩is always young.
  • Love all,🥰trust a few, do wrong to none.
  • The best relationship usually begin unexpectedly.
  • I miss the old you. The one that cared about me.
  • They may try to COPY you, but they can’t be YOU.
  • im sorry, im really sorry for being me
  • There is no one else as special as you
  • So many different mood in one day
  • Bestfriend love 😍is a different type of love
  • i appreciate people that ask about me
  • i hate how sensitive i am sometimes
  • Damn i miss my fav person so much
  • Once you lose me, u lost me forever
  • i wanna mute my overthinking
  • i know everything, i’m just quiet
  • i just don’t want to get hurt again
  • i really want to hug you but u r so far
  • Songs explain what i can’t explain
  • It’s hard missing someone I can’t talk to
  • You’ll always be my favorite person
  • i always hide what hurts me the most
  • I hope u feel what I’m feeling too
  • Nothing new, still thinking about you
  • if I get mad at you, that means i care
  • my heart feels heavy but thats okay
  • i automatically smile when you text me
  • You stole my heart take care of it
  • everyone leaves in the end anyway
  • i get so happy when you talk to me
  • Please call me, I miss your voice
  • Sometimes music is the only medicine
  • Take me back to the good old days
  • True friends are always there for you
  • My thoughts always destroy my mood
  • My mood changes in 0.5 seconds
  • I’m sorry, I’m really sorry for being me
  • I wish i can hug u whenever i miss you
  • it’s hard for me to stay away from you
  • Music makes everything feel better
  • i appreciate honesty more than anything
  • it’s hard for me to express what i feel
  • Promise we break them , Memories They break us .
  • If God is all you have, you have all you need.
  • when i got attached, you left.
  • Lets make it short and simple,😘 I love you.
  • Silence is better than explaining
  • i wanna mute my overthinking
  • i’m tired, i need money
  • im 99.9% sleepy all day
  • i’m hurt but i’m always silent
  • I hide my pain with a smile
  • You are mine, i cant share
  • my “okay” will never be okay
  • i really miss our old talks
  • damn,😘 i love you everyday
  • dear someone, i need you
  • i’m strong but i cry quickly
  • Trying to be better everyday
  • You’re mine and i’m yours
  • i hate texting, i wanna see you
  • Mood: forever missing you
  • Tired,😢sad and overthinking
  • you’re not mine but i miss you everyday
  • overthinking is my partner at night
  • i wanna be kissed & hugged by you
  • i wanna be okay, i wanna feel fine
  • if i care for you, i care until the end
  • I’m still trying to be happy and fine

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Short status in english
Short status in English

Short status in english

i break my own heart by caring too much

short status for mom

You’re the reason why I’m smiling again

pretending to be okay is not easy at all

short status for whatsapp about life

please be safe i care about you a lot

sometimes it’s better to say nothing

short status for fb

i need a unexpected happy message

i miss having a life without stress

short status for facebook

i wanna be that person u’r scared to lose

fu*k, i’m inlove ❤️with someone i can’t have

short status for mom in hindi

Choose people who choose you.

Just a year ago, things were so different.

short status for whatsapp download

It’s about who stays, not who promised.

I might be okay but I’m not fine at all.

short status for whatsapp share chat

Alone doesn’t mean lonely.

Tell me how it feels to be loved 🧡back.

short status for whatsapp in hindi

What you see isn’t always the whole truth.

No more expectations from anyone.

short status for instagram

Same lies, different people.

what hurts you, changes you.

short status for whatsapp

i’ll never be that me again

I haven’t changed. I grew up

short status for whatsapp about love💛

I miss someone who doesn’t miss me.

Mindset is what separates the Best from the rest.

short status for whatsapp about life in hindi

Dear old days, i miss you.

Expect nothing and appreciate everything.

short status for whatsapp in english

Tough times always teach you valuable lessons….

Things will change if u think in a positive way..

शार्ट स्टेटस फॉर व्हाट्सएप्प इन हिंदी

Small circle. Private life. Peaceful Mind.

Never settle for less than you deserve.

short status for whatsapp on attitude

It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.

My biggest problem is overthinking everything

short status for whatsapp about life

My silence means I’m tired of everything

I have a lot of unsaid thoughts

short status for whatsapp share chat

Every time my phone vibrates, I hope it’s you

One unexpected message can heal a lot

short status for whatsapp in hindi

it hurts but i’ll never show that im hurt

I need someone to make me feel okay

short status for whatsapp download

Eyes talk better than words sometimes

My heart is full of unsaid words

short status for whatsapp

Thinking about you never ends

Ignore me and I’ll do the same .

शार्ट स्टेटस फॉर व्हाट्सएप्प इन हिंदी

I m not that someone anymore

Once i lose interest it’s over .

शार्ट स्टेटस वीडियो डाउनलोड

Be mine, i’ll keep you forever

Remember when i said i am fine? Yeah, I lied.

शार्ट स्टेटस फॉर व्हात्सप्प

I’m tired, but I’m still trying my best

i hope you never get tired of me

शार्ट स्टेटस

if you need me, i’d always be here.

I’m trying really hard not to hurt again.

शार्ट स्टेटस अबाउट लाइफ

Missing the same person, everyday.

My only wish is to be with u forever

शार्ट स्टेटस फॉर व्हाट्सएप्प

i spend my nights thinking about you

Million feelings, for one special person

शार्ट स्टेटस डाउनलोड

I feel empty when you’re not with me.

I love it when I see you happy💚

शार्ट स्टेटस फॉर व्हाट्सएप्प शेयरचैट

I miss you a lot, but it’s okay. I’m fine

Sometimes it feels better not to talk

शार्ट स्टेटस इन हिंदी

Smallest lie can break the biggest trust

Don’t worry, the right ones won’t leave

best short status in english

i still remember our last eye contact

You are the only one my heart wants

latest short status

I spend my whole day thinking of u

I am okay & not okay at the same time

best short status

I don’t want others attention, I want yours

It scares me how temporary everything is

latest short status for whatsapp

Talking to you makes everything better

I did my best to keep you. I’m done trying

best short status for whatsapp

Take me back to the last time we met

My favorite memory was meeting you

latest new short status

My mind never stopped thinking about u

My Status are messages for you

best short status in hindi

i can’t explain the way i’m missing you

I’m done begging for your attention.

latest short whatsapp status in hindi

Need someone who care about me

I want someone I can talk to all day.

best short status for instagram

I overthink because I notice everything

I love you stay safe where ever u are💙

latest short hindi status

there’s a lot in my heart but i can’t say

i hate pretending like it doesn’t hurt

best friend short status

i hate waiting, but i’ll wait for you

current mood: i wanna talk with you

latest short attitude status

i hate how sensitive i am sometimes

I just want to stop thinking and sleep.

best short status lines

i want someone who only wants me

i need someone who never change

cute short status

God, i need you the most

i hate it when i can’t control my tears

best friend short status in english

Stop faking just be real

Dear old days , I miss you

angry short status in english

We’re all weak for someone

I feel better when I’m with you

best attitude short status

I want u with me all the time

current status 💜: sad and in love

best life short status

Real ones stays in bad times

i miss u. but its okay, i’m fine

girl short status

i’m hurt but i’m always silent

i suffered, i learned, i changed

boy short status

Love is Easy but Queen is Busy .🖤

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351+ Short Status Quotes For Whatsapp
351+ Short Status Quotes For Whatsapp

Short Quotes For Whatsapp

  1. Love is Easy but King is Busy🤍.
  2. Im laughing on the outside, cry on the inside .
  3. Let it hurt and let it go
  4. In case u missed me, feel free to message me.
  5. Who cares if I’m not okay? Nobody hehe
  6. i wish i can delete my sad feelings😭
  7. Just sleep when it’s hurt
  8. Smile even if it’s hurt.
  9. Sometimes a simple i miss you changes everything.
  10. If you want to be TOGETHER you have to-get-her.
  11. Love People,🤎not things Use things, not People.
  12. Seeing you is my favorite part of the day.
  13. My favorite thing is sleeping next to you.
  14. Maybe i should learn not to get too attached.
  15. Life is not over –
  16. Music is my escape from the bullshit in life.
  17. I am glad i met you. Now do me a favor and stay.
  18. I cant explain how i feel when i am with you.
  19. Hate is easy.💟Love takes courage.
  20. I miss your good night texts
  21. Attraction is automatic,💝but love is a choice
  22. I feel like everything i do is wrong
  23. You’re not perfect, but you’re all I want.
  24. The nicer you are, the easier you’re hurt.
  25. I wonder, do you miss me as much as I miss you?
  26. You’re so special to me.
  27. Bad relationships change good people.
  28. Apologies don’t fix broken hearts .
  29. I just want a cute, long lasting relationship.
  30. Missing you is like breathing, how can I stop.
  31. I’m not mad. I’m hurt. There’s a difference.
  32. If it still hurts, you still care.
  33. Jealousy = I actually care about you.
  34. I want y̶o̶u̶ us.
  35. Seeing you is the favourite part of my day
  36. Music is always there when you need it.
  37. Most hardest question: Describe yourself.
  38. BestLieEver “I will always💕love you.”
  39. I really miss you. I just don’t want to admit it.
  40. Sometimes all I want is a hug
  41. H.O.P.E = Hold On Pain Ends.
  42. Hold her tight, she won’t want you to let go.
  43. Even a million fights could not make me hate you.
  44. Don’t leave a girl you need, for a girl you want.
  45. ❒Taken ❒Single ✔ Don’t care anymore.
  46. Not all people in your life are meant to stay.
  47. Can you do me a favor? Don’t forget me.
  48. I enjoy every moment I spend with you.
  49. Good relationship is worth the wait .
  50. When people get suspicious, trust disappears.
  51. I don’t hate you, I hate what you have done.
  52. The best feeling is that first kiss.
  53. The tighter the hug the better it feels.
  54. Cuddling with you would be perfect right now.
  55. Those who are heartless, once cared too much.
  56. Best conversations usually happen late at night.
  57. If we kiss , i’m biting your lip ♥
  58. Yes, I’ve changed. Pain does that to people.
  59. I am who i am and i won’t change for anyone.
  60. I’ll never hurt you , what a LIE .
  61. Best relationships usually begins UNEXPECTEDLY96.
  62. You’re the girl that I want to grow old with.
  63. I won’t give up on us ♥
  64. I may not be perfect, but I am original.
  65. A day without you is always incomplete.
  66. It’s hard to move on when you still care.
  67. Nice Lips . . . Can i kiss them ? ♥
  68. Do I miss you ? →everyday
  69. We must be faithful, but not stupid!
  70. My real smile comes out when i am with you
  71. How he treats you is how he feels about you.
  72. Over-thinking will destroy you.
  73. NO love,💔no pain, no gain, stay Single be Happy;)
  74. i am scared to see you with someone else.
  75. If you love her,❣️dont ever make her cry.
  76. Too much trust sometimes Kills you.
  77. Yes, i have changed. Pain does that to People.
  78. Dear Feelings, i need you to move on.
  79. A Lie is a Lie, no matter how big or how small.
  80. I am not your toy.
  81. My weakness is that I care too much.
  82. i wish i could ignore you the way you ignore me.
  83. I don’t fear commitment, I fear wasting my time.
  84. Sometimes words are not enough.
  85. Cheating is a choice not a mistake.
  86. Those who are heartless once cared too much.
  87. I cant lie, I miss you.
  88. You only get hurt if you actually give a fuck.
  89. If you dont want me , Dont fuck with my feelings.
  90. I care too much that’s how i get hurt.
  91. Smile and the world smiles with you.
  92. I am missing you and its killing me.
  93. Head up, stay strong. Fake a smile, move on.
  94. I dont hate you, I hate what you have done.
  95. Apologies dont fix broken hearts.
  96. Lies dont end relationships, The truth does.
  97. HOPE = Hold On Pain Ends
  98. I miss your name lighting up my phone.

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Short Status For Whatsapp
Short Status For Whatsapp

Short quotes in english

I feel like everything i do is

If God is all you have, you have all you need.

Dont cry over someone who wouldnt cry over you.

One lie can ruin a thousands Truths

First you care, then you get hurt.

i just want a cute, long lasting relationship.

Bad relationship change good people.

sometimes, i lie awake at night thinking of you.

i hate being jealous when i know i should not be.

i love you,💞but i hate the way you act sometimes.

I miss your good night texts.

A Broken heart is what Changes People.

We are more than friends but less than a couple.

Head up, Stay strong, Fake a smile and MOVE ON.

The truth is: I can’t hate you, even if I try.

Memories are the only reason we cant move on.

Friendship is a single soul living in two bodies.

i’m Better than you EX & Better Than your Next.

The hardest goodbye is the one that’s never said.

Forgiveness is an act of self-love.💓

Feelings is the language of the soul.

There is nothing on earth divine expect humanity.

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

Whatever the question, the answer is love.💗

The purpose of life is a life of purpose.

Happiness is homemade…..

I’m born to express, not to impress.

Don’t say I Love You.💖Prove it.

Focus on me, f-f-focus on me

No matter where you go, know you’re not alone

What do you mean?

Is it too late to say I’m sorry now ?

“You should go and love yourself

Where there is love, Nothing is missing.

“The highest happiness on earth is marriage.”

Marriage is a gamble, Let’s be honest.

Grow old with me, the best is yet to be.

When prayers go up, blessings come down.

Most people do not pray; they only beg.

To be present is to be prayerful.

Peace be to you, fear not.

Life is God’s novel. Let him write it.

Heaven means to be one with God.

A selfie a day keeps the friends away.

★⋰⋱★⋰⋱★⋰⋱★⋰⋱★ ★ Happy Birthday. ★ ★⋱⋰★⋱⋰★⋱⋰★⋱⋰★

Being “Single” is My Attitude!

Status Unavailable! Check Later

Roses are red and I’m going to bed…Good night

Stay faithful or stay single.

Being Single Isn’t Easy.

How to prepare for exams: Cry.

Listening to the rain,

Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain.

What was my fault….?

My love for you is like a circle, it has no end.

The truth is You never deserved me.

You met me at a very strange TIME in my life.

Think Less , Fell More.

We think too much and feel too little.

You can’t logic your way through emotion.

Music is life,that’s why our hearts have beats.

The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment.

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL *Conditions Apply*

Learn to make yourself happy.

Smile and the world smiles with you.

One of the keys to happiness is a bad memory.

The most important things in life aren’t things.

COUNT blessings NOT problems.

Every time You smile I smile.

Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures.

Be happy for this moment is your life.

Aspire to Inspire before you expire

Life is like Ice Enjoy it Before it melts.

LIVE for the moments you can’t put into words.

A fake smile can hide millions of tears…

DON’T FoRGet To Smile.

God’s word is your sword!.

If God is all you have you have all you need.

God is faithful even when his children are not.

I am a child of GOD.

God always gives us what we need in time.

Expect Great things From GOD.

You are beautiful I know, because I made you.

Trust the Lord who is Leading you.

When thing’s get tough JUST PRAY.

KEEP Praying until God Answers .

God never stops giving us reasons to PRAISE HIM .

When people let you Down. God will pick you up.

GOD’S Love never Fails.

Have Faith in GOD.

Life Hurts , God Heals.

Thank you Lord for Giving us this day.

Thank you Lord for Giving us this day.

GOD Loves You!

Only God can fill an Empty Heart.

God’s direction removes confusion.

Dear God, thank you for everything.

Every day do your BEST. GOD will do the rest.

Let God’s promises shine on your problems.

With god All Things Are Possible.

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Short status in english
Short status in English

Short status in hindi

  • लोग आते हैं और जाते हैं। लेकिन सबसे अच्छा रहेगा।9
  • मैं संपूर्ण नहीं हो सकता लेकिन मैं मूल हूं।
  • आप वही हैं जो आप सोचते हैं इसलिए बाहर जाएं और शानदार बनें।
  • दयालु दिलों ने सबसे ज्यादा दर्द महसूस किया है।
  • मैं आपको याद नहीं करने की कोशिश करता हूं, लेकिन अंत में मैं अभी भी करता हूं।
  • मुझे अपने फोन पर आपका नाम दिखाई देने की याद आती है।
  • ईर्ष्या का मतलब है कि मुझे वास्तव में आपकी परवाह है।
  • एक लाख लड़ाई-झगड़े भी मुझे तुमसे नफ़रत नहीं कर सकते।
  • मैं पागल हो जाता हूं क्योंकि मुझे परवाह है।
  • मुझे आपका नाम याद आ रहा है जो मेरे फोन को रोशन कर रहा है।
  • जब मैं आपके साथ होता हूं तो खुद को पूरा महसूस करता हूं।
  • असली पुरुष महिलाओं के बारे में सम्मानजनक तरीके से बात करते हैं।
  • इससे पहले कि आप मुझे जज करें, सुनिश्चित करें कि आप परफेक्ट हैं।
  • मुझे जलन होती है लेकिन मैं इसे कभी नहीं दिखाऊंगा।
  • मुझे बस एक प्यारा, लंबे समय तक चलने वाला रिश्ता चाहिए।
  • हर रात मैं तुम्हें देने के लिए भगवान का शुक्रिया अदा करता हूं।
  • मैं झूठ नहीं बोल सकता, मुझे तुम्हारी याद आती है।
  • यादें ही एकमात्र कारण हैं जिससे हम आगे नहीं बढ़ सकते।
  • मुझे बस इतना पता है कि मैं तुम्हारे बिना एक दिन भी नहीं रह सकता।9
  • संगीत हमेशा मुझे बेहतर मूड में रखता है।
  • मैं वही हूं जो मैं हूं और मैं किसी के लिए नहीं बदलूंगा।
  • एक बार जब मैं तुम्हारे साथ हूं, तो कोई और मायने नहीं रखता।
  • मुझे बस इतना पता है कि मैं तुम्हारे बिना एक दिन भी नहीं रह सकता।
  • मैं तुमसे नफरत नहीं करता मैं तुमसे नफरत करता हूँ जो तुमने किया है।
  • एक बार जब आप जुड़ जाते हैं तो आप खराब हो जाते हैं।
  • संगीत हमेशा मुझे बेहतर मूड में रखता है।
  • मुझे उस मस्ती की याद आती है जो हम साथ करते थे।
  • एक कानूनी चुम्बन कभी भी चोरी के जितना अच्छा नहीं होता है।
  • मैं प्रतिबद्धता से नहीं डरता, मुझे अपना समय बर्बाद करने से डर लगता है।
  • एक लड़की को किसी ऐसे व्यक्ति की आवश्यकता नहीं होती जिसे उसकी आवश्यकता न हो।
  • प्यार करने वाला दिल हमेशा जवान रहता है।
  • सबसे प्यार करो, कुछ पर भरोसा करो, किसी के साथ गलत मत करो।
  • सर्वश्रेष्ठ रिश्ते की शुरुआत प्रायः अकस्मात ही होती है।
  • मैं आपके पुराने रूप को याद करता हूँ। जो मेरी परवाह करता था।
  • वे आपको कॉपी करने की कोशिश कर सकते हैं, लेकिन वे आप नहीं हो सकते।
  • मुझे खेद है, मुझे वास्तव में मेरे होने के लिए खेद है
  • आप जैसा खास कोई और नहीं
  • एक दिन में इतने अलग मिजाज
  • बेस्टफ्रेंड प्यार एक अलग तरह का प्यार है
  • मैं उन लोगों की सराहना करता हूं जो मेरे बारे में पूछते हैं
  • मुझे नफरत है कि मैं कभी-कभी कितना संवेदनशील होता हूं
  • धिक्कार है मुझे अपने पसंदीदा व्यक्ति की बहुत याद आती है
  • एक बार जब तुमने मुझे खो दिया, तो तुमने मुझे हमेशा के लिए खो दिया
  • मैं अपनी अति सोच को म्यूट करना चाहता हूं
  • मुझे सब पता है, मैं बस चुप हूँ
  • मैं बस फिर से चोटिल नहीं होना चाहता
  • मैं वास्तव में आपको गले लगाना चाहता हूं लेकिन आप अभी तक हैं
  • गाने वो समझाते हैं जो मैं समझा नहीं सकता
  • किसी ऐसे व्यक्ति को याद करना मुश्किल है जिससे मैं बात नहीं कर सकता

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351+ Short Status Quotes For Whatsapp
351+ Short Status Quotes For Whatsapp

Short quotes in hindi

आप हमेशा मेरे पसंदीदा व्यक्ति रहेंगे

मैं हमेशा वही छुपाता हूं जो मुझे सबसे ज्यादा दर्द देता है

मुझे आशा है कि आप भी वही महसूस कर रहे हैं जो मैं महसूस कर रहा हूं

कुछ भी नया नहीं, अभी भी तुम्हारे बारे में सोच रहा हूँ

अगर मुझे तुम पर गुस्सा आता है, तो इसका मतलब है कि मुझे परवाह है

मेरा दिल भारी लगता है लेकिन यह ठीक है

जब आप मुझे टेक्स्ट करते हैं तो मैं अपने आप मुस्कुरा देता हूं

तुमने मेरा दिल चुरा लिया इसका ख्याल रखना

हर कोई अंत में वैसे भी छोड़ देता है

जब आप मुझसे बात करते हैं तो मुझे बहुत खुशी होती है

कृपया मुझे कॉल करें, मुझे आपकी आवाज की याद आती है

कभी-कभी संगीत ही एकमात्र दवा है

मुझे अच्छे पुराने दिनों में वापस ले चलो

सच्चे दोस्त हमेशा आपके साथ होते हैं

मेरे विचार हमेशा मेरा मूड खराब करते हैं

मेरा मूड 0.5 सेकंड में बदल जाता है

मुझे खेद है, मुझे अपने होने के लिए वास्तव में खेद है

काश जब भी मुझे तुम्हारी याद आती है तो मैं तुम्हें गले लगा सकता हूं

मेरे लिए तुमसे दूर रहना मुश्किल है

संगीत सब कुछ बेहतर महसूस कराता है

मैं किसी भी चीज़ से अधिक ईमानदारी की सराहना करता हूँ

मैं जो महसूस करता हूं उसे व्यक्त करना मेरे लिए कठिन है

वादा हम उन्हें तोड़ देते हैं, यादें वो हमें तोड़ देती हैं।

यदि आपके पास ईश्वर है तो आपके पास वह सब है जिसकी आपको आवश्यकता है।

जब मैं जुड़ गया, तुम चले गए।

आइए इसे छोटा और सरल बनाएं, आई लव यू।

समझाने से बेहतर है खामोशी

मैं अपनी अति सोच को म्यूट करना चाहता हूं

मैं थक गया हूँ, मुझे पैसे चाहिए

मैं पूरे दिन 99.9% नींद में हूँ

मैं आहत हूं लेकिन मैं हमेशा चुप रहता हूं

मैं अपना दर्द एक मुस्कान से छुपाता हूँ

तुम मेरे हो, मैं साझा नहीं कर सकता

मेरा “ठीक” कभी ठीक नहीं होगा

मुझे हमारी पुरानी बातें बहुत याद आती हैं

धिक्कार है, मैं तुम्हें हर रोज प्यार करता हूँ

प्रिय किसी, मुझे तुम्हारी आवश्यकता है

मैं मजबूत हूँ लेकिन मैं जल्दी रोता हूँ

हर रोज बेहतर बनने की कोशिश

तुम मेरे हो और मैं तुम्हारा

मुझे टेक्स्टिंग से नफरत है, मैं आपको देखना चाहता हूं

मूड: हमेशा के लिए तुम्हारी याद आ रही है

थका हुआ, उदास और ज्यादा सोचने वाला

तुम मेरी नहीं हो लेकिन मुझे हर रोज तुम्हारी याद आती है

ओवरथिंकिंग रात में मेरा साथी है

मैं तुम्हारे द्वारा चूमा और गले लगाया जाना चाहता हूँ

मैं ठीक होना चाहता हूं, मैं अच्छा महसूस करना चाहता हूं

अगर मुझे आपकी परवाह है, तो मुझे अंत तक परवाह है

मैं अभी भी खुश और ठीक रहने की कोशिश कर रहा हूं

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